Is Winter Becoming A Pain?

Hello everyone, Dr. Rick here from Ames Chiropractic. Is this winter becoming a major pain for you? From freezing temperatures, to countless inches of snow that needs to be shoveled, winter can not only be frustrating, but also a major stress on your body. It's important that we slow down, listen to our bodies, and take our time when the going gets tough to avoid serious injury during the winter time.

At Ames Chiropractic, we work with our patients all winter long to make sure their bodies are ready for the challenging conditions, through a full-service wellness approach. If you're experiencing pain due to lifting snow, raking the roof, carrying bags of rock salt, or even that dreaded slip on the ice, give us a call today and we will work with you to address your specific pain areas and have you back on your feet, pain free. Call us today at 907-2637.

Start off 2018 pain free with us in Bangor, Corinna, and Lincoln. We look forward to treating you soon!

-Dr. Rick