Athletic Injuries

Too often Dr. Rick sees athletes who have been sidelined by injuries that don't respond to ordinary treatment. In many cases, these athletic injuries linger for far too long, causing even more damage, and can keep a teen or adult athlete off the playing surface longer than necessary. At Ames Chiropractic, we will tackle the root of your athletic pain, not just the symptoms, as we incorporate chiropractic care, supplements, exercise, massage and other modalities to help treat athletes of any age, especially when it comes to a sudden or recurring sports injury.

We have created a special video dedicated to "Adjustments for the Teenage Athlete" that you can view below. We also have produced two more videos, one focused on pain shin splints, and one discussing the treatment of shoulder pain in athletes. If you or someone you know has suffered an athletic injury and are in need of adjustment, please feel free to share this video with them so that they can utilize these pain management techniques.