Cale and Bobbi - A Three Year Wellness Journey!

Cale and Bobbi - A Three Year Wellness Journey!

A Temple Health Nutrition Success Story

Hi, it’s Alisha, and Dr. Rick from Ames Chiropractic Wellness Center in Bangor, and Lincoln. For years now, we have been helping so many of our patients take back their health with our Temple Health Nutrition Program. Everyone has different goals in mind when they begin the journey, and the success stories from all of you have been amazing to experience, by your side!

You've heard about two such success stories for over 3 years now - Cale and Bobbi! This happy couple just celebrated their 3 year anniversary on the Temple Health Nutrition plan and they want to share their update with all of you who are currently on your own journey, or need the encouragement to begin.

As Cale and Bobbi always say - "You can do this!"

Here's Bobbi's 3 Year Update -
"It's been 3 amazing years on the Temple Health Nutrition program. Being down 120 pounds has made me to be able to keep up with my 4 children! I was petrified 3 years ago. I thought - "This is going to be too hard, I just can't do this." But Ames Chiropractic continues to support me in their community, as well as the Temple Health Nutrition facebook group. That has been one of the most amazing parts of this journey - learning what works for me - and it can really work for you too!"

Here's Cale's 3 Year Update -
"3 years ago I was 265 pounds. Now I'm down to 190-195. 3 years ago, I could barely bend over to tie my shoes, and I couldn't even keep up with my four kids. Standing here today 3 years later, I have confidence in my walk, I have confidence because my clothes fit better. This is the perfect time to start because - all the holidays are behind you. It's time to look at what you want your year to look like, and I always just keep saying "You can do this". This is the time to start, and get your life back!"

We are so happy for Cale and Bobbi, as well as all of our amazing patients and success stories that have started down the path to total health and wellness with the Temple Health Nutrition program! If you want to make 2020 a great year, live a life free of aches and pains, harmful inflammation, and shed unwanted pounds that have been weighing you down for too long - schedule your appointment today and we will get you started!